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jeudi 14 janvier 2010

Art comptantpourrien? Mon oeil!

On a rénové l'hommage rendu au pyjama rayé par l'immortel "sculpteur" Buren (ma couille pour les intimes) en place du Palais-Royal.

On rigole, on rigole, mais au CGB, en voyant le prix du chantier, nous avons voulu en savoir plus... Et c'est ainsi que Jason, notre stagiaire, partit un beau matin pour le ministère de la culture festive et prépubère... déguisé en boxeur de 40 ans, le corps huilé et dûment parfumé au poppers n°5.

Il en revint un peu flapi mais le mystère était éclairci:

Des comptes ronds!

Pour les gourmands qui veulent déguster d'autres œuvres sévèrement Burenées voir CECI (on comprend qu'il s'en tienne aux rayures et aux carrés depuis 1966 l'artiste d'état surdoué)

2 commentaires:

  1. à bas les décimales.
    super le lien vers les œuvres du Maitre. Je dirais même des œuvres sévèrement burnées !

  2. "The hideousness of the contem-porary art world. Being an art buyer these days is comprehensively and indisputably vulgar. It is the sport of the Eurotrashy, Hedgefundy, Hamptonites; of trendy Oligarchs and Oiligarchs.

    They were found nestling in their superyachts together in Venice for last year’s spectacular Art Biennale. Venice is now on the calendar of this new art world alongside St Barts at Christmas and St Tropez in August, in a giddy round of glamour-filled socialising, from one swanky party to another.

    Artistic credentials are au courant in the important business of being seen as cultured, elegant and, of course, stupendously rich. Do any of these people enjoy looking at art? Do they simply enjoy having easily recognised, big-brand name pictures bought ostentatiously in auction rooms at eye-catching prices, to decorate their several homes, floating and otherwise, in an instant demonstration of drop-dead cool and wealth.

    Their pleasure is to be found in having their lovely friends measuring the weight of their baubles, and being awestruck. It is no surprise then, that the success of the uber art dealers is based on the mystical power that art now holds over the super-rich. The new collectors, some of whom have become billionaires many times over through their business nous, are reduced to jibbering gratitude by their art dealer or art adviser who can help them appear refined, tasteful and hip, surrounded by their achingly cool masterpieces.

    Not so long ago, I believed that anything that helped broaden interest in current art was to be welcomed; that only an elitist snob would want art to be confined to a worthy group of aficionados. But even a self-serving narcissistic show-off like me finds this new art world toe-curling for comfort. In the fervour of peacock-excess, it’s not even considered necessary to waste one’s time looking at the works on display."
    - Charles Saatchi


Attention, lapin méchant!